THANKS TO YOU! Vagabond Acting Troupe was named #1 on the PHL 17 Hotlist after two years in the top five!

Your votes made Vagabond Acting Troupe #1 on the PHL 17 Hotlist!
Last year Vagabond Acting Troupe made it to number 2 just behind the zoo and the year before we were in fourth place. But you've made our little theater that could into a name in the region with your support. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We are so excited to have a strong acting program that has sent young professional actors on the road to Broadway and film, but also helped many young people to get in touch with the theatre in their souls! It's a mission we love being a part of and we are so very, very grateful to you, our fans, for rallying behind us to take our little traveling troupe on a journey to the top of the Hot List!