Volunteer Policy


We invite the community to join us in volunteering at the theater. If you are an adult with experience in theater, music or design and interested in joining us as a band member, a Jr. Professional show director or music director, please let us know by emailing us at vagabondactingtroupe@gmail.com. Email is the best way to reach us for volunteer opportunities!


To keep our enrollment and participation fees down, the Vagabond Acting Troupe's educational ensemble relies heavily on parent volunteerism. As part of our enrollment fee for every project, we ask that a student's family provide at least six adult volunteer hours towards the production to assist on the backstage and artistic jobs necessary to completion of a project. These hours help us reduce enrollment fees by $60 per production.

We require adult hours since these jobs are, for the most part, outside the basic capabilities of the cast members - either because the jobs must be done while they are performing or rehearsing, or because they require a certain analytical or physical ability. Students who are aged 18 or older may provide their own adult volunteerism hours.

Jobs available for volunteering are both production and administration oriented and include, but are not limited to the following:

- concession stand operations
- stage management
- sound and light technician
- ticket coordination
- ticket sales and ushering at door
- computer web support
- program, poster and flyer design and layout
- costume and set design (professionals may also brought in for these jobs)
- costume and set construction
- set painting and theatrical artwork
- cleaning (bathrooms, carpets, dressing rooms, etc.)

Buyout of hours is available at $10 per volunteer hour. Funds from buyout will be used to assure that sufficient staffing is available for each production.

It is essential to have enough man hours to complete a project. Every man hour that must be paid for must be reflected in enrollment fees. We appreciate your understanding in regards to the volunteerism policy.