Vagabond Even Tours!

In addition to producing shows involving the adult and youth ensembles, Vagabond offers regular touring works. We have both teen and adult casts who put together shows on request.

SHOWSTOPPERS tours musical reviews that can be created around a topic. A Broadway show is available on relatively short notice which can be mixed and matched with available performers.

PAUL BUNYAN'S AMERICAN TALL TALES is performed by teen actors playing the roles of Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Sal Fink and Slue Foot Sue. They introduce the issue of oral story telling (handing stories down through verbal communication), discuss the historical significance and creation of America's Tall Tale Hero's, and involve children in a story telling competition to see which of the heroes has the best tall tale to tell. As this show is staffed with High School students, advanced notice is required for performances to come to schools.

For information, call us at 610-286-5567 or email us at

"What choo gonna do Sal Fink?""This was a wonderful production!
Thank you so much, Sherri, for sharing it and thanks to the Vagabond Acting Troupe for letting home schoolers come and see it today; we all enjoyed it! :)" ~Cindy (Parent of Home Schoolers)

"Thank you so much for sharing the Paul Bunyan Tall Tales production with us. The kids loved it! They were playing the tall tale characters on the playground and coming to the library asking for the play books. I appreciate your willingness to work with us the past two years. You do a wonderful job with the kids."
Peg Dombach, Librarian
Twin Valley Elementary Center