TAKE A SEAT and leave a permanent memory!

Our new seats are in, and now all we have to do is pay for them!

We heard your call for more comfortable seating, so the pews have left the building. Now we have new seats and we hope that you might like to sponsor one of them. Click on the Take A Seat Form (DOC format) to sponsor a seat for just $50. Makes a great gift for the person who has everything, and it's the gift that keeps on giving as audience members use your sponsored seats for years to come.

So "Take a Seat" and share the comfort of new theater seats!

SPECIAL THANKS for your support as you "Take a Seat" with:

The McClelland Family (x10!)
The Kalkiewicz family (2)
Heather Kalkiewicz
Drew Kalkiewicz
Mike and Jo Moore (purchased by Honora Finkelstein)
The Cast of Cinderella - 2011 (cast gift)
Rebecca Lisak
Ron Pook (2)
The Reynolds Family
Daniel Sabulsky
Dave Morrison
Leah Jarvis (Birthday Present from Sherri Jarvis)
The Cast of Grease - 2011 (Purchased by Debbie Young)
Rose Evans McCulloch (2)
Skrocki Family
YEAR WITH FROG & TOAD '12 (The cast of A Year With Frog and Toad)
Cast of MACBETH 2012
Annie Goetz
Erika Goetz
Godzilla Sat Here (TMac)
Lego My Seat (LMac)
The Young Family
The Miller Family
Cast of Romeo and Juliet 2012
Tony Vitullo
Nina Schraeder
Little Mermaid Jr. 2012
Little Mates Child Development
In Memory of Phil Sickler
There's no cast like Cast A
Thanks Judi!
Cast of Snow Queen 2012
The McLelland Family (4 more!)
Gram's Chair
James M. Graham
Mr. Wingnut
Autumn Phillips
High School Musical Cast 2012
Get Off My Lawn! (Aileen)
Nonedible Technologies (Gavin)
Zach Reynolds (Star)
LIFE IS A DREAM - 1987 Cast
You're a Good Man Geordie J.
Charlotte's Web Cast 2013
Appointment w/ Death 2013
Ariel Quigley Mysteries